Current Affairs Today 26 June 2020

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Q.1. When is International Sailors Day celebrated? 

a. 23 June 

b. 25 June 

c. 24 June 

d. None of these 

Q.2. Which state government has announced to set up fever clinics? 

a. Maharashtra 

b. Karnataka 

c. Delhi 

d. None of these 

Q.3. Recently how many crores of animal husbandry infrastructure development fund has been approved by the central government? 

a. 35000 

b. 15000 

c. 25000 

d. None of these 

Q.4. Recently Justice Anant Manohar Badar has become the judge of the High Court of which state? 

a. Odisha 

b. Maharashtra 

c. Kerala 

d. None of these

Q.5. Recently passed away Joel Schumacher was a famous? 

a. Author 

b. Film Director 

c. Singer 

d. None of these 

Q.6. Which airport of Uttar Pradesh has got international airport approval? 

a. Kushinagar Airport 

b. Kanpur Airport 

c. Varanasi Airport 

d. None of these 

Q.7. Who has announced the Climate Pledge Fund? 

a. Google 

b. Facebook 

c. Amazon 

d. None of these 

Q.8. Which state government has recently launched a laptop scheme for economically weaker students? 

a. Maharashtra 

b. Kerala 

c. Punjab 

d. None of these

Q.9. Which bank has announced the introduction of video KYC (Know Your Customer)? 

a. Axis Bank 

b. ICICI Bank 

c. BOB 

d. None of these 

Q.10. Which ministry has organized a webinar on Vedic Food and Spices of India? 

a. Ministry of Agriculture 

b. Ministry of Tourism 

c. Finance Ministry 

d. None of these 

Q.11. Who has launched ‘eBloodServices’ mobile app? 

a. Narendra Modi 

b. Piyush Goyal 

c. Dr. Harsh Vardhan Singh 

d. None of these 

Q.12. Where has Devika and Puneja Bridge inaugurated? 

a. Punjab 

b. Jammu and Kashmir 

c. Himachal Pradesh 

d. None of these 

Q.13. Where has the Atmanirbhar petrol pump inaugurated? 

a. Delhi b. Kanpur 

c. Pune 

d. None of these 

Q.14. Which country has announced to join the United Nations arms trade treaty? 

a. USA 

b. China 

c. Japan 

d. None of these 

Q.15. Who has been sworn in as the 5th Lokayukta of Gujarat? 

a. T Rabi Sankar 

b. Dr Nirakar Pradhan 

c. Rajesh Shukla 

d. None of these 

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