Current Affairs Today 22 June 2020

Current Affairs Today 2020
Current Affairs Today 22 June 2020

Q.1. When is International Yoga Day celebrated? 

a. 19 June 

b. 21 June 

c. 18 June 

d. None of these 

Q.2. Recently Kenya has won an African seat in UNSC by defeating which country? 

a. Morocco 

b. Djibouti 

c. Sudan 

d. None of these 

Q.3. Who has acquired Swedish mapping technology company Mapillary? 

a. Google 

b. Facebook 

c. Twitter 

d. None of these 

Q.4. Who has written a book titled 'Legend of Suheldev: The king who saved India'? 

a. Chetan Bhagat 

b. Prerna Joshi 

c. Amish Tripathi 

d. None of these 

Q.5. Recently passed away Vidyaben Shah was a famous? 

a. Author 

b. Social Worker 

c. Singer 

d. None of these 

Q.6. Which country has received zero tariff on exports to China? 

a. Bangladesh 

b. Pakistan 

c. Sri Lanka 

d. None of these 

Q.7. How many months has the RBI extended the ban on PMC bank? 

a. 03 

b. 10 

c. 06 

d. None of these 

Q.8. Which state government has unveiled the Ola Emergency Service? 

a. Karnataka 

b. Tamil Nadu 

c. West Bengal 

d. None of these 

Q.9. Recently 19th Great June Rebellion Day has been observed in which state? 

a. Mizoram 

b. Manipur 

c. Haryana 

d. None of these 

Q.10. Recently India has decided to buy 12 Sukhoi aircraft from which country? 

a. USA 

b. Russia 

c. Japan 

d. None of these 

Q.11. According to the recent report of ADB, what percent of Asia's growth rate will be in 2020? 

a. 1.9% 

b. 2.4% 

c. 0.1% 

d. None of these 

Q.12. Who has developed an ultrasound for screening of Covid19? 

a. IIT Delhi 

b. IIT Palakkad 

c. IIT Kanpur 

d. None of these 

Q.13. Recently in which state amazon gets approval for home delivery of liquor? 

a. Delhi 

b. Punjab 

c. West Bengal 

d. None of these 

Q.14. Who has been included in the Forbes Top-10 Richest List? 

a. Lakshmi Mittal 

b. Mukesh Ambani 

c. Ratan Tata 

d. None of these 

Q.15. Which country has launched 'COVID Warn' app? 

a. Japan 

b. Mexico 

c. Germany 

d. Italy

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